A Trip into the Much Talked about and Widely Misunderstood CrossFit Gym

Over 3 and half years ago, a good friend of mine joined a CrossFit gym (Crossfit Proverb).
June 15, 2022
A Trip into the Much Talked about and Widely Misunderstood CrossFit Gym
Over 3 and half years ago, a good friend of mine joined a CrossFit gym (Crossfit Proverb). Within days I started hearing words and phrases which had been the brunt of middle school jokes, such as; clean and jerk, snatch, and thruster. He immediately started telling me all about this style of lifting and how I should come try it out. Being the globo-gym type of person myself, I was skeptical of this style of working out that made people look like they were having a seizure while trying to do a pull-up (I would soon come to find out that it is quite hard to mimic this movement). After about 3 weeks of pestering, I was finally convinced to try out this weird, unconventional, and foreign type of training. I was immediately taken aback when I arrived to the gym, box as many people call it in CrossFit terminology. As I’m walking into the gym with headphones in hand, I have the owner (Beau Bibb) and several members immediately come up to greet me. What the heck was this? I’d been at Gold’s Gym for over a year and knew the names of 2 people there. I had been at this gym (box) for 2 minutes and already met 5 or 6 people (first thought, I came here to lift heavy shit and blare loud Linkin Park into my ears, not talk to people). After a class led warm-up, we were told to work up to a heavy push press for the day (second thought, I am going to lift more than anyone in the class and show them CrossFit is dumb. There is no way I’m coming back here.) When we finished up the strength part it was time for the metcon (metabolic conditioning). I don’t remember the exact workout, but I do remember it had some presses and a 400m run (third thought, why the hell do these people mix running with lifting, that is DUMB. Fourth thought, why do these people run at all!)

I remember hearing the words 3,2,1 GO! I took off like a bat out of hell bound and determined that I was going to beat everyone in this workout. I got the presses knocked out and took off on the run. I was first out the door and crushing everyone… for 100m. The next 300m consisted of me coughing up a lung, feeling like a train hit me, and getting passed by a 90-year-old lady using a walker (Fifth thought, I’m out of shape!!!). a few rounds later and I was done. The people that finished before me cheered me on (Sixth thought, shouldn’t they be making fun of me? They beat me.) Tired, feeling sick, and humbled by what had just happened I made my way to my car to drive home. The next day I woke up excited for 4:30 so that I could leave work and go back to this gym that made me feeling defeated the day before. In only one day I realized that I had found a gym that was a perfect fit for not just me, but anyone who wants something more in their life. I had found a place that welcomed people from all backgrounds, of all mind-sets, and of all shapes and sizes. Within a day, I made friends, got to compete with these people, was showed love and encouragement, and took a step forward in my journey to being more fit. I went from a CrossFit skeptic to someone that loved the atmosphere this type of gym gave me. Three and a half years later I am now a coach at the gym and have made it a goal of mine to give people the same experience I have had. If you are reading this and wondering if CrossFit is for you, try it out! The best time to start your journey to a better you is yesterday, the second-best time is today. Going to the gym shouldn’t be something you force yourself to do, it should be something you want to do!

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