Joe Tucker

Joe Tucker




About Coach

Long story short, I’ve been doing and coaching CrossFit since my first level 1 in 2013, I was a certified person trainer (NASM & ACE) since 2009. Opened a CrossFit affiliate in Australia in 2014, a solid hobby business for five years. Sold it when my son was born so I could focus on full-time parenting to him and his two older sisters. Since the start my focus has always been the competitive side of CrossFit and still is. It’s the real reason I started CrossFit in the first place. My athletic “career” was over so I found a new drive to compete almost daily with CrossFit. I tried to extend my playing career in football after the army in 2005 by playing some semi-pro football and arena football for a couple of seasons. But I wasn’t disciplined enough to stay fit and healthy to play at that level. CrossFit has helped me bring the military mindset and competitive athletics together. But more importantly, it taught me a lot about common unity, the relatability between church and a good CrossFit community is uncanny. Just like church, CrossFit isn’t a place we go once a week, it’s a community everywhere we go. I relate this scripture to it as well. Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the the law of Christ. ~ Galatians 6:2

Turning Point

My turning point came when the lord freed me from the bondage of alcoholism and drug use. Which really got turned up when I got out of the army and plagued me during my adulting after. So I’ve been sober for four years and never felt more free. I do not look down on anyone who uses it, we all need a crutch. The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ are mine. It’s a mindset. Even though the bible says the war has already been won. We still fight the battles, the evil one wants our soul. I can attest that there is rest in Jesus. That being said, this big shift has helped open my eyes to others, being more connective and supportive.

Motivation & Passion

My goal in coaching others through the CrossFit methodology is to help them achieve greatness and that’s different for everyone. But in essence, it’s to do the uncommon uncommonly well. Nobody wants to sit on the sidelines of life. We want to play with our kids or grandkids, go on that weekend adventure, and eat pizza, and ice cream.

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