Beau Bibb

Beau Bibb

Owner/Head Coach


Master Degree in Sports Science

Bachelors Degree in Physical Education

CrossFit Level 2 Coach

USAW certified Weightlifting Coach

CrossFit Endurance

CrossFit Strongman

Ready State Mobility and Rehab

Precision Nutrition Certified

About Coach

My love for physical activity dates back to my youth. Growing up I played every sport I could sign up for each year. In my youth, I would go from Soccer, to baseball, to basketball, every year. As I got into high school, my love for sports only grew and I became a three sport letterman in Baseball, Football, and Track and Field. After high school, I entered college and no longer had the sports outlet I had for so long. After searching for a couple of years, I found the gym and I have not looked back since. I decided to Major in Physical Education, and continue teaching others about physical activity and exercise. That lead me to my last 10 years of owning Proverb Fitness/CrossFit Proverb. I love seeing people take back control of their lives, live longer and healthier lifestyles.

Turning Point

As a young adult, I struggled with a lot of inner demons. I was overweight, labeled as having a learning disability, and had a bad case of acne that I couldn't seem to control no matter how hard I tried. All these things lead me to feel sorry for myself. Think I am not like other people.... I will never be able to look good with my shirt off... I will never be able to learn like other people... All that started to change when my body began to change. As a young adult, I really didn't know much about losing weight, but I did know that none of the famous athletes I followed were overweight. I decided to start playing sports. With the added activity in my life, it was almost instantly my body changed. Even though the body change was external, it began to make me more confident and gave me belief in myself.

Motivation & Passion

I have a passion for helping people take back control of their health and wellness. I know what it feels like to be overweight, unhealthy, and not know where to turn. There are so many gimmicks out there these days that people just need real, true, hard facts on how to make a change. If you are tired of yoyo dieting, exercise hoping, and are ready for real change then come see me!

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