Why do you have a coach for life?

Why should you have your own coach
June 15, 2022
Why do you have a coach for life?

Why do you have your own coach?

When you first started training at Proverb Fitness, the first thing that happened was you were given your own personal coach.

Maybe you realized at the time—or maybe you didn’t—but having your own personal coach is a fairly unique concept in our broader community. Talk to your friends who CrossFit at another gym in a different city, and chances are they probably don’t have a personal coach in their corner.

But have you ever thought about why we do it this way? 

Why we think it’s best for you to have a consistent coach for the duration of your time with us? 

I can assure you it wasn’t an arbitrary decision. We do it this way because we think it’s the best way to help you be successful with your long term fitness plan. 

Let me sidetrack for a moment here and say this: 

The fitness industry is a mess!

Part of the messiness is because most people who become personal trainers, or bootcamp, or spin class, or yoga, or CrossFit instructors do it for an average of one to three years and then they quit and move on to something else because they realize they’ll never make a living in the fitness industry. 

Truth is, there are very few full-time, career fitness coaches today (let alone professional coaches). Most fitness instructors have other jobs, and they coach on the side (sometimes just to get a free membership in exchange for their coaching services). I have even had to do this as the gym owner just to support my family. 

For the client, this means one of two things: 

The part-time coaches at your gym just aren’t that invested in you
Just as you get to know and develop rapport with you a trainer or coach, he leaves!

We’re part of a movement that’s changing this. We have found a way to help coaches become career coaches able to make a professional living in the fitness industry. And because of this, coaches stick around are are able to offer you more coaching security by providing you with an invested coach for life.

Our hope with the coach for life concept is for you to have someone to manage your health and wellness for years to come—the same way you have a family doctor, accountant, lawyer, and maybe even hairdresser for the duration of your entire life.

This doesn’t mean you can’t work with other coaches, of course. It just means your personal coach—the one who put you through your first day experience at our gym, who trained you during personal training, and who probably still coaches many of the classes you attend—is invested in your progress, and he isn’t leaving next month! 

And if you ever want more personal training, or an individual program to work on specific weaknesses, or you find yourself needing to rehab from an injury at some point, or you want some diet advice, or just need someone to vent about life, you have a personal coach to turn to. 

Not all gyms or coaches are created equal. We are the path to create the best gym and the most professional coaches around. If you want to get on board with that we have room... 

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