Travis Kreuzberger

Travis Kreuzberger

Coach For Life


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Precision Nutrition Certification

Prior Football and Track Coach

Prior Strength and Conditioning Coach

About Coach

As a kid my parents were always looking for the next adventure. By the time I was 6 they were already making me go on multiple day backpacking trips and carrying all my own food and needs for the trip. This active lifestyle instilled a sense of movement in me from a young age. When I got into middle and high school I became very competitive and picked up school sports. I continued playing club and intramural sports through college, but once these ended my senior year I knew I needed something. I found some courses offered at the school to help me learn about lifting and how the body works. I immediately realized I absolutely loved learning about the body and its capabilities. After graduating college I became a member at Proverb Fitness and immediately felt like I was able to fill the void that was created by not being able to play sports anymore. Within a year I had started coaching part time and 3 years later I decided to stop teaching and become a full time coach.

Turning Point

I love getting to work with people an improving their daily life. Many come in with a goal to be able to play with their kids without getting tired, go for a hike, walk their daughter down the aisle, etc... Seeing the joy on someones face because they no longer deal with daily back, knee, shoulder, or other pain is something that is awesome. I am motivated as a coach by seeing that I have increased the value in people's lives. My goal isn't to make clients into professional athletes, my goal as a coach is to improve my client's life through fitness. Many think they need to be at a certain physical level before starting a workout program, but that isn't true. I absolutely love starting with a client ans watching them progress over days, weeks, months, and even years.

Motivation & Passion

What’s your purpose for coaching? Who are you impassioned to serve? State it clearly so your readers know whether or not you are the right coach for them. By the time your readers get to the end of your bio, they should be either hitting the back button because you’re the wrong coach for them, or signing up to join.

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